Saturday, January 4, 2014

Happy 2014!!!

Hey everyone!! Happy New Year!! Hope your 2013 was fabulous!!

I know this time of year many has new self "goals" about their physical and well being. I hope you all the success and most of all having fun while you are on your journey.

As for myself, I ended and started my year spending it outside on a gorgeous hike up into the mountains. It was rough hike up for me as I had a full pack as if I was spending the night in the wilderness. Basically it was a training day for me to see how my backpack and load will work on the elevation and the cold. I was able to play a little bit when I got to a certain section of the trail. I know I will definitely be making some changes before doing an overnight camping up in the mountains. I was lucky enough to pitch my hammock sleeping system and relax for a bit and had lunch. 

Here's a quick video of me hanging out in the wilderness. It was amazing and I had such a fun time!! I wish you all health and wellness in your journey. WOOHOOO!!!